Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Last Throes of Dick Cheney's Sanity . . .

"The level of activity that we see today from a military standpoint, I think, will clearly decline. I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency."

----Vice President Dick Cheney, June 20, 2005 in a live interview with Larry King

That infamously asinine and horrifically wrong assessment on the present state of the Iraqi insurgency was broadcast to the American sheeple a mere 7 weeks ago. Since that date 112 United States soldiers have lost their lives in the Bush Mafia's Mideast quagmire and oil snatch.

Of course the most sickening and obnoxious part of "Oil Slick" Cheney's remarks is the fact they spittle forth from the crooked, smirking mouth of a gutless Chickenhawk (I can't even bring myself to call him a man) and a downright evil and heartless prick.

Cheney, if you all recall, had the audacity when asked once why he didn't participate in the Vietnam war (a war he had vocally supported), shamelessly answered, "I had other priorities..."
-- a fucking cowardly reason if ever their was one. The fact that he and fellow Chickenhawk George W. have hooked up and foisted another tragic, unwinnable conflict on the American people (and the world) is vomit-inducing irony at it's height.

Today, 6 more U.S. soldiers died so that Dick Cheney can continue pursuing his "priorities."

I think it's high time Americans pulled their heads out of their collective assholes and begin pursuing some of their own priorities ---- with priority number one being the impeachment, conviction and imprisonment of the entire Bush administration war brigade. A secondary priority would be to put alongside the Bushistas in their prison cells the cheerleading media whores who unquestioningly printed and broadcast every greasy lie that was spoon-fed to them by Karl Rove, Ahmad Chalabi and other administration neo-con goons, and, who pooh-poohed and even mocked those who warned of the folly of shifting attention from the real war on Terror and the destruction and/or capture of Osama Bin-Laden into an ill-advised, ill-planned for invasion of Iraq.

I can't even imagine the uproar and outrage that would be roiling the halls of Congress, the "mainstream" media and the American Sheeple if on June 20, 2005, the above statement about the Iraqi insurgency being in "it's last throes," had instead been uttered by a Vice President John Edwards -- with a totally inept and uncaring President Kerry by his side staring dumbly into the sky and whistling . . . . . . But then those of us with an ounce of intelligence know that Kerry and Edwards would never have put America in this situation to begin with -- don't we?


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