Friday, July 29, 2005

The Christian Paradox: Professing profound belief in something one knows not a goddamn thing about . . .

Reason # 13,667 ( I think -- oh shit who cares -- I've lost count of the reasons) as to why I am not a Christian.

Read this article: just click here.

How the fuck can people who don't even know the basic tenets and storyline of their own goddamn belief system even dare to look down upon, lecture, criticize, belittle, ostracize, and just be downright dismissive and hostile to those who choose not to partake in their beliefs??

Growing up in the midwest, I had my share of experiences with these bossy, haughty holier-than-thou Jesus cultists. I always knew what mindless fucks they were the minute I tried to engage them in even the most basic of scientific, reality based discussions.

Anyhow, this article really paints a devastating picture of your "average" American Christian. Pretty goddamn pathetic, not to mention scary considering it's these same lunatics that put people like George Bush and his cabal of ignorant jackasses into power in this country.

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