Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Pizza Man Cometh . . . and sucketh . . .

Reason 13,669 as to why krazee is not a Christian . . .

Read this article and pray tell me what's wrong with this picture:

Domino's pizza founder, billionaire and, it appears, right-wing, fundamentalist religious nut, Tom Monaghan, is planning to build a new town in Florida just for Orthodox (code word for fundamentalist whackjob) Catholics. This new town purportedly will be free from the devilish sins which presently plague America such as birth control, pornography (let your mind wander there), and R-rated cinema in addition to other as-yet-to-be-named satanic deeds.

After you normal people have recovered from your fit of giggling at the pure absurdity of it all, stop for a moment and think of the underlying meaning of what it is that Saint Monaghan has in mind.

According to published reports, "the $240 million first phase of the campus plans to be centered around the 'Oratory of Ave Maria,' a 60,000 square-foot church with aluminum and glass arches, and will include the nation's largest crucifix in stained glass with a 60' high bleeding Jesus. Officials say the church would be the largest fixed-seating Catholic Church in the nation, with room for 3,333 to 3,500 worshipers"

Imagine that!! How wonderful it must be for someone to have a quarter of a billion dollars at their ready disposal to spend on a fucking building!! What kind of stony-hearted, pea-soup for brains, twisted fuck of a human being would ignore the dire needs of their fellow countrymen suffering from homelessness, hunger, lack of medical care, lack of JOBS!, and generally chronic poverty, to build a goddamned luxurious designer building which will only be used once or twice a week to allow a few thousand lemming-like followers to worship their particular invisible magic cloud goblin??? This is the future of America?? Oh-my Oh-my Oh-my . . .

Aside from the glaring moral obnoxiousness of this plan, what kind of message is this sending the rest of Americans (and for that matter all those countries we've blown up or are blowing up in the name of Democracy), who for the most part, seem to be living rather peacefully in pluralistic society? Isn't it bad enough that many of the rich fucks in this country barricade themselves in their own little rich-fuck communities, cowering behind gates and walls designed entirely to separate them from the middle-class shmucks and the poor working-class dregs (in other words -- you and me)?? Now we have people who want to separate us even further based upon narrow interprative religious belief systems??

The article makes mention of the fact that Monaghan has given millions to charity over the years (albeit most of it to religious-themed organizations).

Who gives a shit?? As if that alone atones for the crass stupidity and callousness of his current enterprise.

But don't be fooled by the "he's given millions to charity" chant.

Here's an example of Monaghans true character and heartlessness which completely trumps his charity-giving charade ----

---- "after an earthquake devastated Nicaragua, Monaghan decided -- against the wishes of aid workers on the ground --that spending $3 million dollars to rebuild a church in Managua was more important than aiding the victims of the quake. . . " ----

Only a diseased mind and soul would turn a blind eye to the nightmarish sufferings of human beings devastated by a natural disaster and instead of providing life-saving commodities like food, water, medicines, shelter, clothing, etc... unflinchingly demand that the local church be rebuilt instead. I suppose in Monaghan's whacked out way of thinking, by reconstructing the church he was providing the victims of the quake a place where they could come and pray to god to miraculously whip up tons of relief supplies to aid the victims and relieve their anguish. I wonder how many people died as a result of that money being so unfeelingly spent on bricks, mortar and gold-plated crucifixes??

I have a suggestion for Saint Monaghan --- you want to separate yourself and your believers from our Democratic, pluralistic society?? Fine by me!! Fine by me!! More power to you man!! Now all you have to do is take that other $750 million of your fortune and go buy a fucking island in the middle of the South Pacific where you all can leave this great country and go live happily and theocratically forever after!!

Why do these people hate America and Democracy so much??


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