Sunday, September 04, 2005

George W. Bush -- Menace to America . . .

I can't fucking take it anymore --- I got to vent.

This post is a direct plea to every one of you insane shit-4-brains ass klowns that voted to re-elect the boy idiot George W. Bush to the Presidency in 2004.

What the fuck was on your bat-shit insane minds??

This past weeks events along the once beautiful, proud, ethereal and majestic Gulf Coast of the United States of America have cemented the goddamn fact that George W. Bush and his hapless group of circus clown cabinet officers will be the catalyst which pummels America's once sterling reputation of being the greatest country in the world into the fucking dirt.

Imagine THIS taking place in America to-fucking-day!

I'm so goddamned mad I can't even cry. These fucking pricks --- every one of them ALLOWED this to happen. They knew it was coming -- they played with their dicks, and now they are lying about their own culpability.

My own mother who came from a very poor (white thank u) background in the upper midwest is beside herself with anger and utter disgust with the way her government has failed these poor souls. She realizes the truth --- our government failed us and they failed us because they don't give a goddamn rat's ass about anyone that isn't tithing a portion of their paycheck to the Republican National Committee or robotically pulling levers for every stepford, bible-thumping Republican candidate churned out of their corrupt system.

To heap insult onto injury we now have the yellow-bellied right wing apologists and their sidekicks, the fundamentalist religious nematoads, on the offensive insinuating that the victims in New Orleans are deserving of their suffering. Fox Nazi News is carrying alot of their nauseous bile. Dare to watch it if you can stomach it. If you ask me, Fox ought to simply replace the letter x in their name with the Nazi swastika --- that's how fucking evil and extreme those bastards are.

Fuckers.... If I had one grantable genie wish it would be to see human-scum Nazi pricks like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and all of their brain-fucking-dead supporters mass herded into cattle cars, transported down to New Orleans, stripped naked and thrown directly into the toxic muck that the rest of that city's citizens are suffering and dying in as we speak.

Read this exerpt from a fellow blogger -- he shares my passion of disgust for the Bush mafia, their dirtbag capos and all of their brain-dead enablers and supporters:

"Watching the horror that is New Orleans unfold has left me even more depressed and saddened about my country. Even more depressing than the wholesale rape and looting of my country by the powers-that-be are the Americans who have enabled this train wreck on two legs to unleash yet another four years of death and destruction on the world - even after they'd witnessed the first four. They don't just enable, they excuse and try to deflect any and all criticism of their Dear Leader. To those people who have supported this President and his policies, especially the so-called "Pro-Life Christians" who support a "Culture of Life" I'd like to ask Dr. Phil style, "How's that working out for you?" You fucking shameless, self-righteous, heartless bastards. You have every bit as much blood on your hands as the disaster team that you elected. Fuck you and fuck your merciful, all-powerful, all-loving God. If this past five years hasn't proved to you that "He" doesn't exist then what the fuck will it take?"

Click here to read the whole article.

Do I have hate in my heart? You're goddamn right I do -- and boy does it feel refreshing.

You know -- I'd almost sloughed off my interest in seeing Bush impeached for his ignoring warnings in early 2001 of an impending Al-Qaeda attack on U.S. soil.

I'd almost forgotten about his and his administration's lies (here and here) linking the 9/11 terror attacks to Iraq and Hussein in order to sucker Congress and the American people into supporting their ill-advised (Bush's own father explains why it would not be a good idea to invade Iraq -- Jr. didn't listen) and unprepared for war.

I'd almost forgotten about Bush's cozying up to and kissing the asses of the terror-supporting, oil-drenched Saudis, knowing full-well that 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

I'd almost forgotten about Bush's deception in passing Medicare legislation which ended up hurting more seniors than helping them.

I'd almost forgotten about Bush signing the Bankruptcy legislation bill which makes it harder for Americans who've experienced catastrophic financial situations to recover and make good on their debts.

I'd almost forgotten about Bush and his Republican rich-fuck cronies on-going war against Social Security and their desire to hand this precious program over to their criminal pals on Wall Street.

I'd almost forgotten that George W. Bush is a greedy cock-sucking Oil industry puppet who would sell his own goddamn mother (the nasty bitch she is) if it meant he and "Oil Slick" Dick Cheney could stuff few dollars more their Swiss bank accounts next quarter.

So here we are --- under George W. Bush's "leadership", we have a major American city turned into a an apocalyptic wasteland of poisonous soup and abandoned corpses. Osama Bin Laden (another evil prick) is sitting somewhere in a cave laughing his ass off -- knowing that he himself couldn't have done a better job at causing mass destruction on American soil.

The Bushistas are hard at work trying to demonize "the blame game" and protect their blue-blooded boy king from having to face any scrutiny or accountability for his incompetence. That is an outrage! Thousands of people are dead because of these assholes. The American people deserve answers and they deserve to see the people responsible prosecuted for their contemptible and deadly ineptitude.

Are you sorry-ass people happy now? ? ?



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