Thursday, September 22, 2005

The GOP greed machine is hitting on all cylinders...

GOP Senate Majority leader Bill Frist dumps tens of millions of dollars in HCA stock, a for-profit hospital chain started by his father and currently run by his brother, a couple of weeks before the stock value plummets on reports of depressed profits in the 2nd quarter of this year.

'Mere coincidence!!', the rightwing greedmongers will scream.

'A stroke of luck!!' the whore media will unflinchingly opine.

How many times does the moron American crowd have to read this same sleazy story to fucking get it thru their knucklehead skullcaps that this is business as usual for the Republicans??

It's the same goddamn insider trading story of how Bush monkey Jr. made his fortune dumping stock in his phony company Harken Energy back in his cocaine using and boozing days.

Of course don't expect your yellow-bellied "liberal media" to shine the obvious spotlight on the fact that what Frist has done is not one iota different from what long-time Democratic supporter Martha Stewart did and was imprisoned for this past year.

What in the fucking world has happened to this country??

Crime and lies and deceipt are ok as long as it's being done by someone you agree with on political issues???

I say to those of you who believe that -- you all are the real traitors to this country --- you value your idiotic ideology more than you do the law, more than you do honesty and integrity, more than you do what is right for this country as a whole.

Go ahead --- defend Dr. Fristenstein. Shove your dull, rusty shank deeper into the heart of decency and truthfulness. Stomp on the already beaten, bloodied and crumpled body of Democracy.

Look in your mirrors moron Americans! --- see the real traitors staring back at you.



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