Thursday, September 22, 2005

GOP shafts military and our soldiers once again....

Here's another issue for the reason-challenged moron-American crowd to ponder. Giving tax-breaks to the already well-off in exchange for --- cutting military benefits?? Gee -- I wonder why Republicans hate the military so much??

It is a fact, undisputable (regardless of the lies propagated by the millionaire pundit serial liars on Fox News), that of the approximately $1.6 trillion in tax cuts passed and being proposed by Bush and the GOP, 90% of those cuts go to people making $200,000 or more a year. Of course it's nothing more than a tired, dishonest rerun of Ronald Reagan's economy and social-fabric destroying trickle-down economic theories of the 1980's.

You can choose to believe the bullshit spoonfed to you by the likes of hillbilly heroin addict Rush Limbaugh. You can choose to bend over and take a good ass-reaming from the rich-elite asslickers at National Review Online (NRO). And you are free to choose to be bamboozled and taken to the proverbial truth cleaners by benign and official sounding organizations like the NTU (National Taxpayers Union), which is nothing but a right-wing front group bankrolled by the likes of billionaire scumbag and uber-fascist Richard Mellon-Scaife and other radical right moneychangers.

But if you want the truth, click here and here and here and here and .... oh never mind!!

If you haven't figured out by now that Uncle Sam Bush is raping you and your family's financial sphincters, what good will my truth crusade do you??

Of course it is all the more obscene when it's shown (in the first linked article) that the Republicans prefer to shower themselves and their rich-elite supporters with more tax cuts at the expense of health benefits for our military people.

I ask the important question again --- Why do Republicans hate our military and soldiers?


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