Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sigh . . . . . . .

Apparently this is what passes for "conservatism and the conservative media" these days:

One right-wing radio screecher labeling the human victims of Hurricane Katrina as "debris".

Another conservative puke not even waiting for rigor mortis to set in on Ted Kennedy's body before he's gleefully gloating over his death.

Other right wing spokespeople are accusing Obama of wanting to euthanize the elderly and babies and of urging returning war veterans to kill themselves.

You really have to wonder whether or not there are any sane, decent people remaining who consider themselves conservatives. If there are, they sure as hell are condoning the worst elements of their movement with their muted failure to rebuke these insane, repugnant party spokespeople.

I suppose in the end I just need to look at the bright side -- the GOP's seemingly perpetual descent into madness can only equate to a hastening of their demise as a major political force in the country -- and that can only result in a more moral, compassionate and intellectually gifted future America.


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