Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awww! Fox News got a booboo! Poor babies!

Apparently the old adage about the only way to fight a bully is to punch them in the nose is true.

To those of us who've actually been paying fucking attention these past several years, the recent, long overdue acknowledgement by the Obama administration that Fox News is nothing more than a media propaganda outlet and political arm of the Republican National Committee and the conservative movement in general is the quintessential motive for use of the phrase "better late than never."

How anyone who claims to be of reasonable mind and sound intellect can sit and watch a 24 hour cycle of Fox News and still feel compelled to run out and propagate the clownish claim that they indeed are "Fair and Balanced," is inexplicable to me.

Listen! This isn't difficult folks. All Fox and Roger Ailes have to do is just fucking admit to the obvious which is that they exist to propagandize on behalf of conservatives and the GOP in general and be done with it! But no -- they insist on perpetuating the big lie about who they are and what they do and so they bring the attacks on their integrity and honesty upon themselves.

Up until now it's been mostly liberal bloggers and a sprinkling of MSM journos who've been pointing out the Elephant in the Fox News studio. But now that someone of a bit more hefty stature (The President of The United States) has joined that chorus, poor, defenseless Fox is now running around screaming 'foul' and crying on any shoulder they can find. Oh the humanity!!

Like I said -- what Obama and his aides are doing in drawing a line in the sand when it comes to Fox is long, long, long overdue. And the more the Fox talking heads stomp their little feet, clench their fists and scream red-faced about how they are being treated unfairly --- well --- just watch this video clip and then laugh heartily right in theirs and their supporter's phony fucking faces.


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