Friday, October 30, 2009

More Sexual Shenanigans from Conservative Republicans . . .

SANCHEZ: Hey, Roge, let's see how good a move we can make over to the Twitter board real quick, because a lot of people are commenting on this. There it is. Start from the bottom if we can.

Hug bug, "What is in the water in South Carolina?" Now, let's go just above that, where it says, "Another politician with a sex scandal, that is so common nowadays and they're supposed to be role models? Ha!"

We get what you're saying, folks

Let's talk about that. Just last week, I asked this question, what's up with South Carolina Republicans? Beginning with Mark Sanford, the famously wayward governor, why can't they seem to be staying out of trouble these days? There's Governor Sanford, there's Congressman Joe "Big Scream You Lie" Wilson. We just had two county chairmen who essentially said Jews are good with money.

And as if on cue now, we have Roland Corning. Who is Roland Corning, you ask? He's a former state legislator, and as of now, his latest performance, former assistant attorney general. Why?

Get this -- a police report obtained by the "Associated Press" is saying that Corning was questioned by an officer after speeding away from a cemetery with a stripper in his car, and with a bag of sex toys. And with some Viagra, Corning, I should tell you, is 66 years old. According to the police: the stripper, 18 years old. She works, by the way, at an establishment known as the Platinum Gentleman's Club.

What's in the South Carolina water?

Frankly, I think the more pertinent question would/should be, why can't family values spouting conservatives keep their shlongs in their pants, and since they can't, what the fuck gives them the right to preach to others about their sexual proclivities?

Just asking . . .

P.S. --- I know it's Halloween and all, but what's up with the Viagra, sex toys, and a 66 year old man with an 18 year old stripper in a cemetery? IMAO. Now that's fucking freaky and creepy!


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