Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tweety Attacks! . . .

I've never been much of a Chris (Tweety) Matthews fan, if at all ever. He had way too big of a hard-on for Bush before it became obvious what an incompetent leader Bush was and he's always given way too much deference to conservative Republicans in the debate on war and national security.

Occasionally though, like the blind squirrel analogy, Matthews finds a shiny acorn and just outright obliterates his bullshit talking GOP guests and when he does it, it is a beautiful thing to watch.

Case in point:

Excerpt --

Matthews suggested one answer, which Harris latched onto. "The Bush administration kept the country safe," said the guest.

"Except the one big day," the host shot back.

"YouTube is watching," he told Harris. "You're the Republican consultant. One of the best in the country. Tell me what the Republican party has done for this country in the last ten to 20 years."

Harris stayed silent.

"Thank you," Matthews said to his recurring GOP guest as he closed the segment. "We'll have you back with the answer."

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And there you have it. The GOP goat-fucker was asked point blank to tell Matthews and the viewing audience exactly what the Republican party had done for America and Americans over the past 10 to 20 years and the assklown sat their like a lump of cow shit in a cow-less meadow. I swear I heard crickets chirping in the background as the smug prick stared dead eyed into the camera with that goofy deer in the headlights look on his face.


Thanks Tweety - it was worth the laugh and also bolstered my contention that the modern day GOP serves nobody but themselves and their corporate pimps.


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