Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eisenhower's nightmare come true . . .

There's an article in today's NYT from Bob Herbert about how China is racing ahead of America in the solar and wind energy technology fields, with Herbert lamenting that it should be the United States leading that charge. Anyhow, I was perusing the comments section of the article and ran across this gem:
"Oh, jeeehz, where's your sense of fun?

Of course the Chinese -- and the Europeans -- are by-passing the U.S. in developing green and fast rail futures. America itself has no workers left -- their jobs have all been off-shored to 3rd-world cheapest labor sites. This has given U.S. CEOs and those atop high finance mega bonuses for their smarts -- but, hey, come on, let's have a sense of humor for the America and Americans left behind.

Look at today's headlines. America is opening a New and Improved front in one of its global wars -- one of the "stans." This is great -- it just goes to prove that all those teen boys playing their computer war games -- they know what's up -- they know America's real, true future -- war everywhere, constant war, war open to enlistees even today, all across America. And the Chinese are happy to pay for it -- they've got a productive economy -- of course they're happy to pay for the U.S. to be klutz police bully and nothing more.

It's hilarious. It's America. And this country has got nothing else for the future -- zilch -- nada -- but scenarios of adolescent explosions. What a laugh."

And I thought to myself -- my god -- that's it! It isn't pretty or eloquent, but it explains quite succinctly in a nutshell what it is that progressives like myself are railing and battling against! The never-ending war economy, corporations can do no wrong, isolationist, regressive mindset.

This country is doomed to the fate of the Roman Empire if it believes, as right-wing neo-cons and conservatives do, that our economy and democracy can flourish and endure solely on the basis of allowing the corporate, financial, and military industrial complexes to run amok. It's myopic thinking to put it politely. Its plain fucking stupidity to put it bluntly.


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