Friday, February 12, 2010

The Fox Fraudcasting Network . . .

I mean really - enough is enough. Somebody very famous and credible who has the cojones to do it, and without regard for the expected recriminations, should just go on a very highly watched live television show and tell Fox to go fuck themselves. Tell Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck to eat shit and die. Tell Roger Ailes to stick his right-wing propaganda media machine (I refuse to call what they do "News") so far up his ass he can taste the tepid turdiness of it on the backside of his tongue.

Fox, single-handedly has done more than any other media outlet to cheapen the tone of public discourse in this country over the past several years. Combined with their deliberate penchant for misinforming and lying to their viewers, I cannot fathom why these fuckers still have a public broadcasting license, and one that allows them to call themselves a "News" channel to boot. Can you even begin to imagine the stuck-pig squealing the conservatives would be doing if the folks in ABC's, NBC's and CBS's news divisions went on the airwaves every single day and does what Fox does to their political opponents. They'd never get away with it. I dare anyone to prove me otherwise.

Fox is an outright disgrace to the news and journalism professions. Their brain-dead viewers who sit around every day mindlessly lapping up the Fox version of "News" are themselves a disgrace to the honorable practice of critical thinking.

I've made the offer before --- I'll shut up about Fox the day they stop calling themselves a "News" organization and change their name to the Fox GOP Promotional Network. It's a simple and straightforward offer. Doubt I'll get any takers, but it is what it is.



Oso said...

Clusterfox was on at the gym yesterday. They touched on Clinton's hospitalization then had a panel thing on "would Bill Clinton be covered under the Democrat's health plan?".

Assholes.Of course he would, he'd be covered under any plan cause he's rich.

Obviously more scare tactics for their dim-witted viewers. Intended for them to draw the conclusion that with the Democrat plan, things would be worse. Plan sucks,yeah. But no mention of the Republicans not having a plan. No mention of the fact that healthcare accessibility and affordability continue to deteriorate so doing nothing guarantees things will get worse.

Viewership too stupid to draw the obvious conclusion, instead they will draw from it what Clusterfox wanted them to get by inference.


Take care man

krazeeinjun said...

I tried at one point to watch Fox at least an hour a day - just so I could say to my detractors that I do watch them - and it literally made me ill doing so. I had to stop. These days I scavenge the clips other bloggers and outlets post on the web and comment on them. I've yet to have anyone, seriously and with a straight face, challenge me and claim that NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and even MSNBC act as a public relations media outlet for the Democrats the way Fox does for the GOP. They know they'd be full of shit if they tried to make that claim and I wouldn't let them get away with it. Anyhow, thanx for the comment, it was spot on.