Friday, March 26, 2010

High ranking GOP Congressman lies with impunity . . . . does anyone care? Fuck yes - I do!

In an interview with TPM, a Richmond Police Department spokesman said the bullet that penetrated a window in a building that includes a campaign office of Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) was "an act of random gunfire."

"What we were describing yesterday in fact describes an act of random gunfire," said Public Information Manager Gene Lepley.

Cantor held a nationally televised press conference yesterday in which he said, "Just recently, I have been directly threatened. A bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office in Richmond this week." He said he has been targeted not only because he is a member of Congress, but also because he is Jewish.

But a police statement on the incident, which occurred early Tuesday morning, suggested that someone had fired a bullet up into the air and it went through the window of the building on the way back down. While it went through a window, it did not penetrate the blinds, according to the police.

A Cantor spokesman did not immediately return a call for comment.
Here's the scenario - Right-wing, GOP House Whip Eric Cantor hears about several news reports of Democratic lawmakers lives threatened and acts of violence at Dem lawmakers offices, and even one attempt on the lives of a Democratic Congressman's brother's family. And so what does he do? In a childish attempt to blunt the criticism of the GOP's blatant acts of inciting the right-wing, teabagging, birther jerks, he goes on national television, looking all serious looking and sounding, and literally makes up an insinuating lie about he himself being a direct target of violence by his political enemies. What a fucking tool.

But ladies and gentlemen, and I've been saying it for years, --- Eric Cantor truly is the mind and face of your modern day Republican party. The party of shameless assholes and serial liars.

And if people like Cantor are the kind of people you want running the country -- all I can say is you can count on me and this shitty little blog being around for a very, very, long time.


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