Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patriots my ass . . . .

It has become painfully obvious that the far right wingnuts are incapable of competing in the vast marketplace of ideas, so predictably they fall back to what they do best -- threats of and actual violence. They're nothing but a bunch of whining, sorry ass mother fucking cowards if you ask me and I'm having a very difficult time considering them "my fellow Americans."

FBI officials are investigating a self-proclaimed conservative blogger after he used his Twitter account to call for the assassination of President Obama on Sunday night.

Solomon "Solly" Forell tweeted: "ASSASSINATION! America, we survived the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy. We'll surely get over a bullet 2 Barack Obama's head."

Another post said, "The next American with a clear shot should drop Obama like a habit."


Rochester/Niagara Falls, N.Y. -- The same day a brick crashed through her Niagara Falls office, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D) says her staff discovered an assassination threat aimed at her family members. The Democratic headquarters in Rochester was also targeted.

No one was inside when the brick was hurled through the Democratic Patry Headquarters on University Avenue. Attached was a note quoting conservative Barry Goldwater: “Exremism [sic] in defense of liberty is no vice”.

The note was the only clue -- until now.

“I’m advocating broken windows. I’m advocating vandalism," says Mike Vanderboegh. We spoke to him by phone from his home in Pinson, Alabama.

Vanderboegh is referring to his blog called Sipsey Street Irregulars. He says his invitation to “break windows…break them now” is behind the incident in Rochester and at least two others in Tucson and Kansas. The message to Democrats should be clear.

And these are the self-described "true patriots" and "real Americans" who are of the belief that they, and only they, have a god-given right to governmental rule in America?? It'll be a sad and frightening day for the United States if these bastards ever do gain the levers of power is all I can say.


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