Friday, April 16, 2010

Fair and Balanced my ASS! (ver. 13, 131)

The FOX News execs are only "furious" because they were caught red-handed taking a steaming dump on what little remains of their journalistic credibility. That and the likelihood that some form of FCC corrective action was going to be the outcome, generating even more negative publicity for their "News" organization - and we all know, corporate investors hate negative publicity about their cash cows.

I mean c'mon --- how the fuck could they not know about this:

Like I've stated all along -- if the FCC simply disallows them from using the word "News" in their organization name, that would be fine with me .. they can spout all the bullshit lies and right-wing propaganda they want then and I wouldn't give a rat's ass. But while they keep calling themselves a "News" organization while simultaneously acting as a marketing arm of right-wing politics, I'm going to keep bashing the shit out of them, even if it is painfully redundant.


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