Friday, May 14, 2010


Nitrate contamination spreading in California communities
May 13, 2010 | Julia Scott

The water supply of more than two million Californians has been exposed to harmful levels of nitrates over the past 15 years – a time marked by lax regulatory efforts to contain the colorless and odorless contaminant, a California Watch investigation has found.

Nitrates are now the most common groundwater contaminant in California and across the country. A byproduct of nitrogen-based farm fertilizer, animal manure, wastewater treatment plants and leaky septic tanks, nitrates leach into the ground and can be expensive to extract.

The problem affects both rural Californians and wealthier big-city water systems. State law requires public water systems to remove nitrates. Many rural communities, however, don’t have access to the type of treatment systems available in metropolitan areas.

Nitrates have been linked to “blue baby syndrome,” which cuts off an infant’s oxygen supply. Some studies have found connections to certain cancers in lab animals.

Once again lax gov't oversight and/or de-regulation results in direct harm to U.S. citizens.

I've issued this challenge before to conservative acquaintances and as I've never had anyone respond to the challenge, I'll do so again. Show me a single, evidence documented case of an industry that was de-regulated and ended up benefitting anyone other than than wealthy Wall Street investors. Just one case - ONE!

The proverbial silence is deafening.


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