Friday, June 25, 2010

Teabagger Genesis . . . The Most Sordid Story Ever Told . . .

Fascinating and depressing mini-documentary.

Max Blumenthal goes inside the Tea Party from Ram Bam on Vimeo.

These hard core Teabaggers truly are pathetically out of their fucking minds. There really is no kinder, gentler way to put it.

It's almost as if every vestige of every memory in their tiny lizard brains of the years 2000 - 2008 has been completely erased by some magic, CTRL+ALT+DEL function. They have no memories whatsoever of who it was that controlled all three branches of the U.S. government for 6 of those 8 years (care to guess?) and therefore who the fuck it was that indisputably got America to this point of national economic ruin and foreign policy folly.

With that single, uncomplicated observation in mind, I cannot help but think therefore, that the majority of these Teabagging whiners are simply nothing more than sad, hateful, fearful, ignorant putzes who are just royally pissed that the Darkie beat the kindly old white guy and his white Barbie doll, fundamentalist Christian sidekick and is now living with his Darkie family in the "White" House.

I would like for me to be definitively proven wrong in that thinking, but somehow I doubt that will occur.


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