Thursday, September 16, 2010

OMFG [part deux] . . . .

Well, it appears I may have spoken too soon about Christine O'Donnell being the penultimate batshit insane Teabagger candidate. Ladies and gentlemen -- I give you New York Teabagger candidate for Governor - Carl Paladino:

It seems would be Governor Paladino has quite an interesting history of unethical behavior -- the type which nobody would give a shit about if he was applying for a job as a Brooklyn garbage man, but are nothing short of horrific for a candidate for the top executive position of the state of New York. I cannot even fathom a Democrat running for Congress or Governor, having done and said some of the things this jackass has and getting anywhere near being elected to a position of major political power.

Which simply bolsters my contention that the teabaggers are not only batshit insane, they're major league fucking hypocrites.


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