Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You have to admit -- the teabaggers continue to one-up themselves in the wacko-wanker department in fielding national political candidates. The latest, and winner of the Delaware GOP Senate primary, Christine O'Donnell, however, nearly breaks the mold as far as batshit insane nut-balls go. Don't take my word for it . . . have a look see for yourself:

Beautiful ... the fucking flying nun in a Halston blazer. Just what America needs.



I mean really -- what more can possibly said about someone who says that if she had lived during WWII and she was hiding Jews in her home from Nazi occupiers and if they came to her home and asked if she was hiding Jews, she would not lie to Hitler because lying is a sin? This folks is your Teabagger, right wing nutcase mentality neatly packaged as "real" Americans and are the types of candidates they are running for public office --- and sadly --- as a reflection of how deeply the Republican party has been infiltrated by these zombies, they are winning.


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