Thursday, September 02, 2010

U.S. Soldiers Punished for Not Attending Christian Concert . . .

But wait! This can't be true! It can't be true because the right wingers keep telling me that WE are fighting THEM over THERE so that that WE do not have to fight THEM over HERE -- meaning WE fight THEM so that THEY cannot come over HERE and force THEIR fucked up religion down OUR throats! THEY hate US for OUR freedoms - right!!??

I'm so confused . . .

August 19, 2010 posted by Michael Leon
Military Rocks for Christ
From Chris Rodda at Talk

On May 13, 2010, about eighty soldiers, stationed at Fort Eustis while attending a training course, were punished for opting out of attending one of these Christian concerts. The headliner at this concert was a Christian rock band called BarlowGirl, a band that describes itself as taking “an aggressive, almost warrior-like stance when it comes to spreading the gospel and serving God.”

Any doubt that this was an evangelical Christian event was cleared up by the Army post’s newspaper, the Fort Eustis Wheel, which ran an article after the concert that began:

“Following the Apostle Paul’s message to the Ephesians in the Bible, Christian rock music’s edgy, all-girl band BarlowGirl brought the armor of God to the warriors and families of Fort Eustis during another installment of the Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concert Series May 13 at Jacobs Theater.”

The father of the three Barlow sisters who make up the band was also quoted in the article, saying, “We really believe that to be a Christian in today’s world, you have to be a warrior, and we feel very blessed and privileged that God has given us the tool to deliver His message and arm His army.”

This is the kind of shit that scares me just as much if not more than anything Bin Laden and his box cutter wielding thugs can do to us.


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