Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pledge your loyalty to the Fatherland or lose your liberty!!

Miss. judge jails attorney for not reciting pledge

By HOLBROOK MOHR and ADRIAN SAINZ (AP) – 22 minutes ago

TUPELO, Miss. — When a Mississippi judge entered a courtroom and asked everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, an attorney with a reputation for fighting free speech battles stayed silent as everyone else recited the patriotic oath. The lawyer was jailed.

Didn't Americans fight a world war, sacrificing hundreds of thousands of our bravest, against a mega-maniacal tyrant who, under the threat of violence or imprisonment, forced his people to openly worship and recite pledges to himself and his thug government?

Is this where the United States is headed?

This judge is unfit for the office he holds - pure and simple. The U.S. Supreme court ruled in 1943 that it was unconstitutional for school children to be forced to recite the pledge of allegiance or salute the flag. That free speech principle has not been in credible dispute for nearly 70 years.

How much you want to wager that the Teabaggers come down overwhelmingly on the side of the judge in this case? Myopically overlooking of course, their own visceral hatred for the current government and the man and political party leading it and the revulsion they would feel having it loudly pointed out to them that the President is the freely elected leader of the United States of America and their pledge of allegiance to the United States is equal to a pledge of allegiance to the commander in chief? That would tie their panties in a knot wouldn't it?

It is nothing short of absolutely fucking mind-boggling to hear of something like this occurring at this stage of this country's history.


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