Sunday, September 25, 2005

Republican war supporters throw a party -- nobody shows up!!

The day after nearly 300,000 patriotic Americans petitioned their despotic government for redress for it's illegal, mid-east oil war, the pro-war crowd decides to hold a counter demonstration.

Problem is -- nobody showed up!! Pro-war protest organizers were boasting of bringing in at least 20,000 people to wave flags, chant "war is good" gobble-dee-gook, and engage in some good old fashioned character smearing of their fellow-countrymen -- the anti-war people. Barely 400 people showed up for the event.

Now, at some point, you'd think that common sense would emerge from the dark recesses of their tiny right-wing brains and these hard-core war lovers would stop their frothing-at-the-mouth war mongering just long enough to take a moment and take stock of their present situation.

The premise that the invasion of Iraq, and the present quagmire it's created, was necessary because Iraq was harboring weapons of mass destruction and therefore a threat to the United States, or, that the Iraqi regime was in cahoots with Osama Bin Laden on the September 11th attacks on this country, has long, long since been exposed for the fraud it is and duly dismissed.

The pro-war crowd has nothing to cling to other than their childish "support the troops" mantra, which they feverishly chant with an ever increasing level of rank desperation. And of course they do so purposefully ignoring the fact that the vast majority of anti-war folks support the individual men and women of our armed forces and love this country just as much or more as they themselves do.

The bottom line is this --- George W. Bush and the cabal of neo-con assklowns that he's surrounded himself with, have bungled this country into an unwinnable conflict. They did so by lying to the American people for the reasons as why it was necessary to invade Iraq and they had absolutely no workable plans as to how to handle the peace after the bombs stopped being dropped. As a result, and as many smarter people have predicted, Iraq is now teetering on the brink of full-blown civil war and the level of violence against coalition (mostly U.S. troops) and innocent Iraqi's has risen steadily.

I remember a time when the right-wing nuts screamed about holding a certain President accountable for his actions. That President had engaged in a private sexual affair with a woman other than his wife in the oval office. That President was subsequently impeached by a bunch of hypocritical Republicans -- and you know they were hypocritical, because the folks heading up that lynch mob were themselves documented adulterers (Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Helen Chenoweth, etc...) and corrupt politicians (Tom Delay, Dennis Hastert, Dan Burton, Bob Barr, etc...)

When are they going to hold George W. Bush accountable for his actions? Does anyone with an ounce of sanity truly believe that Clinton's lying about a personal sex affair has caused more harm to America than Bush's lies which have resulted in the deaths of 2000 American soldiers, 100,000 Iraqi civilians, a bankrupted national treasury, a decimated economy, and on the international front -- incurred the enmity of the entire civilized world, including many long-time allies?? Good God!! How much more death and destruction have to occur before these people realize that they are just plain fucking wrong????

So anyhow, the right wingnuts throw a pro-war party and nobody shows up. Alabama wingnut Republican Senator Jeff Sessions lamely addressed the crowd (if it could even be called a "crowd"), and said, "I frankly don't know what they (anti-war Americans) represent, other than to blame America first." Another war supporter carried a sign which read, "Arrest the traitors."

Well, I think that sign says just about everything one needs to know about these desperate people. Like the Nazi regime and it's war supporters in 1930's Germany believed, if anyone dared dissent against their leader (Der Fuehrer) and his bloody imperialistic plans, they ought to be thrown into prison, stand trial as traitors and summarily executed.

With people like that on your side, is there any wonder you can't get your fellow countrymen to support you and show up at your rallys???



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Anonymous said...

I am a 58 yr old woman who, along with 3 of my best friends, rode a bus from Atlanta to the rally in DC. Being a product of the '60s movement, I was so inspired that the furor is still alive and that people still believe that a single person can make a change. One caution and suggestion, one must be aware that when attending such a rally, even though you speak for yourself, you are seen as a representative of the whole and the right wing wackos will seize what they determine to be the "worst" of us and use that to their advantage. We need to be viewed as mainstream Americans, which is what we are. Also, contact your Congressional Representatives, tell them what you believe, even those in other states, for what they do affects us all, put bumper stickers on your cars, they demonstrate the numbers, armies have been defeated because they felt they were outnumbered, join your local county party and GET ACTIVE. And finally, read, investigate and educate yourselves on what is going on.