Saturday, September 10, 2005

Oh yeah --- Fuck the Democrats too.....

The preceding post which found the krazee one hurling invective and everlasting gobs of hate toward those, whom at first glance appear to be the most culpable for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort fuckup, falls a tad short in one respect.

Acknowledgement also must be heaved on to that organized body of spineless jellyfish, knee-pad wearing, afraid of their own shadow - or Karl Rove's shadow, insipidly timid bunch of pussies known as the Democratic Party.

I'm so sick of an opposition party that fucking has not clue one as to the true meaning of opposition. Half of these Democratic Senators and Congressman are really nothing more than closet Republicans --- the other half are too busy trying not piss of Karl Rove for fear of, not onlyt wetting their pants, but perhaps getting a dose of Rove-style swift-boating. Bunch of gutless bastards. It really says volumes about the Democratic party that I can, probably, count on one hand the number of Democrats that have any balls whatsoever and actually do stand up to the Repukelican bullies and the Bush, Cheney, Rove criminal enterprise.

One Democrat in particular really gets my gonads in a bunch --- Connecticut Senator and the standard-bearer for Democratic Eunuchs --- Joe Lieberman. Al Gore did indeed make a stunning mistake in selecting this ass-klown for a running mate in 2000. Gore, to his credit, now readily admits to this judgement mistake.

Lieberman is nothing more than an appeaser and enabler of the Republican slash and burn agenda which is causing massive harm to this country's middle-class and poor citizenry. He's too willing to back down from principles and kiss his enemy's ass all in a "quixotic" bid to "compromise" with people (Repukelicans) who would shove a shank between his shoulder blades in a minute if he turned his back on them.

He, along with many others of his ilk in the Democratic party, need to be jettisoned. They are dead fucking weight on the party.

Read this article and you'll see a prime example of what I'm talking about. The Democrats had best stop acting like a bunch of scared bunnys and start acting like a true opposition party or they are going to lose the peoples support -- which is already wavering as it is.


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