Sunday, October 04, 2009

And the Academy Award for best performance by a manipulative ideologue huckstering for a phony news organization (Fox) goes to:

I have a family member who is a big fan of Glenn Beck. Regardless of how often I point out to said family member all of the lies and misinformation that Beck is responsible for propagating on the airwaves, the dreaded Beck Zombie Syndrome has infected said family member's brain and rendered reason and truth useless weapons.

Here's something though that ought to (although I would not dare to underestimate the power of the Beck Zombie Syndrome) make Beckophiles think twice about the sincerity and and authenticity of their feckless hero.

Remember all of those teary pleas from Beck on his Fox show, begging his zombies to take America back from the mysterious, amorphous enemy that purportedly is intent on transforming America into a mass, state run socialist hippie commune? You know, the episodes where he's so torn up about the future of his beloved fatherland that it instantly triggers rivulets of heartbroken tears streaming down the Beckster's pudgy face? And with that furrowed and those puckered lips, you just know it couldn't be an act -- right?

Think again. Just watch.


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