Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Grayson Freight Train rolls on . . .

Alan Grayson keeps pummeling away at the Repugs and I really like the style in which he goes about it.

I think it's good that Grayson has some major disagreements with Obama on issues such as Iraq and Afghanistan and oversight of the Wall Street banksters, yet still feels compelled to bitch-slap Republicans when they go off on one of their childish, hate-filled rants like they've done the past few days over Obama's winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Anyhow, watch him on The Ed Show in the video clip below.

Here's Grayson's money quote about Republican's attacks on Obama winning the Nobel prize:
Grayson: I think I understand their disappointment. They're not going to be winning the Nobel Peace Prize themselves anytime soon. They probably wish that there were a Nobel Prize for fear, a Nobel Prize for hatred, a Nobel prize for racism. You know, then they'd be in the running, but I don't think they're going to be winning a Nobel Peace Prize soon.

I admire a progressive who doesn't follow lock-step in all of Obama's policies, yet still has a certain sense of loyalty to engage his party leader's enemies in fisticuffs when they unfairly attack.


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