Sunday, October 04, 2009

Greenwald speaketh - you listen . . .

Glenn Greenwald puts his finger squarely on the problem with this country's idiotic, mainstream media crayon scribblers and bobbleheads. These fuckers were wrong about Iraq and I'd lay landslide like odds that they are wrong about Iran too.

Here's Greenwald's money quote:

Reviewing the Sunday news shows and newspapers creates the most intense cognitive dissonance: a nation crippled by staggering debt, exploding unemployment, an ever-expanding rich-poor gap, and dependence on foreign government financing can't stop debating how much more resources we should devote to our various military occupations, which countries we should bomb next, which parts of the world we should bring into compliance with our dictates using threats of military force. It's like listening to an individual about to declare personal bankruptcy talking about all the new houses and jewels he plans on buying next week and all the extravagant trips he's planning, in between lamenting how important it is that he stop spending so much. That would sound insane. And that's exactly how our political discourse sounds.

So far it appears Obama and Co. are playing their cards close to the vest and at least giving the outward appearance to the world of aggressive diplomacy. Here's hoping they tune out the consistently wrong, and always colossally stupid, neo-con, braying jackasses and think things through and consider all of the ramifications before they unleash the "Shock and Awe" again.


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