Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The former speaker of the Missouri House has been charged with a felony after what looks like a bout of sado-masochistic sex that went way too far.

Details are still unconfirmed, we should note. But a woman appears to have suggested to police that Rod Jetton, a Republican who now works as a political consultant, may have slipped something into her drink, then beat her up during sex, after she failed to use the safe word they had agreed upon as a signal to calm things down.

...The woman added that she and Jetton had agreed on the phrase "green balloons" as a "safe word" that she could use if things got too rough during sex. That's not uncommon among people who enjoy sex that involves dominance and submission.

Why does it not surprise me to see yet another story of a married with children, "family values" spouting, church-going Republican involved in kinky sexcapades? If these right wing holier-than-thou assholes actually spent as much time trying to come to terms with their own internal demons as they do in attempting to pass laws restricting other people's sex lives, maybe I wouldn't get such delirious enjoyment out of hearing about their creepy episodes.

Just saying . . .


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