Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is what it is . . .

On occasion I get approached by folks and am asked why I have such a visceral dislike for Sarah Palin. My answer to that query basically has not changed from the day that I did my homework on her and discovered where she stands on the important issues of the day and what she really seems to be all about.

To state it bluntly -- I think she's an uninformed, blithering, deeply dishonest fucking demagogue and if the years 2001 thru 2008 weren't proof enough as to what transpires when you put an uninformed, blithering, dishonest fucking demagogue in charge of America's domestic and foreign affairs, then I'm sorry because I don't believe there is much I can do to help you see the light on that subject.

Having said that - one thing that must be noted, which ironically is a good thing about Sarah Palin, is that she keeps opening her mouth. And in the process of doing so she exponentially enhances her dishonesty and idiocy credentials which correspondingly provides her detractors (such as me) with an ever burgeoning stack of evidence demonstrating what an uninformed, blithering, dishonest fucking demagogue she is.

And as for these people that I constantly see being interviewed on television news at Palin's book signings who are fawning over her and gushing about what a great President she would be -- I gotta tell ya -- those people scare the living shit out of me. Honestly they do.

What it boils down to is this -- I don't want the individual who is to be burdened with running the world's greatest democracy elected based on the idea of whether they might be fun to have a few beers with or how "regular" or "down home" they appear to be or how impressively they mouth the "family values" meme. That is precisely the kind of foolish, non-thinking attitude and mind-set that got us saddled with GWBush and we can all see where that got us.

I want a President who's actually cracked open a history book at some point in their life, read what was in it and seriously pondered the ramifications of past mistakes. I want a President who has read newspapers. I want a President who has traveled internationally and experienced other cultures and peoples. I want a President who has risen to power on their own initiative instead of on the coattails of wealthy, politically connected family members. I want a President who at least makes an honest effort to serve the needs of all of the people instead of only the elite few. And last but not least, when the going gets tough (because politics is a tough business) I want a President who, through hell or high water, is going to stick around and finish the job that the people elected him or her to do.

If you feel that with those previous two paragraphs I am insinuating that George W. Bush was a disaster for America and that Sarah Palin would be an even bigger disaster - you would be absolutely correct and I do not have an iota of remorse for stating such.

Needless to say, it's my fervent hope that the American people are intelligent and thoughtful enough to see thru the Palin "aww shucks/you betcha" smokescreen and send her and her fundamentalist religio-whacko, isolationist, science-hating supporters shuffling off into the twilight of irrelevancy where they rightfully belong.


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