Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Lying liars . . .

Andrew Sparrow, senior political correspondent
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 8 December 2009 17.44 GMT
An Iraqi taxi driver may have been the source of the discredited claim that Saddam Hussein could unleash weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes, a Tory MP claimed today.

Adam Holloway, a defence specialist, said MI6 obtained information indirectly from a taxi driver who had overheard two Iraqi military commanders talking about Saddam's weapons.

The 45-minute claim was a key feature of the dossier about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction that was released by Tony Blair in September 2002. Blair published the information to bolster public support for war.

At some point the truth will be in full view for all to see and my hope is that it occurs in my lifetime and that I have the privilege of seeing certain politicians and media moguls sitting in a docket at the Hague for their crimes. Having said that though and knowing how "justice" actually works in this country, I won't be awaiting that day with an overabundance of anticipatory expectation.


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