Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FOX Sports reporter: Rednecks good, Darkies bad . . .

Rupert Murdoch employs some truly awful pieces of shit individuals within his FOX organization. These living, breathing, walking turds have, for the most part, been pretty much confined to the news and AM hate radio divisions. But apparently not even that is enough for FOX -- how else can you explain a "reporter" making this type of statement on the air:

MYERS: It's a great country here. We have disasters issues when people pull together and help themselves and I thought the people in Tennessee, unlike -- I'm not going to name names -- when a natural disaster hits people weren't standing on a rooftop trying to blame the government, okay. They helped each other out through this.

And Mike Helton, president of NASCAR, Tony Stewart, among some drivers went from the race over to the middle Tennesee area where still a lot of hardworking, tax-paying, legal American citizens have been affected by the floods and are trying to rebuild their lives and they are helping out. And I think that other people around the country, of course the music industry in and around Nashville helping, without making a big deal out of it and I think that's a good thing.

Wow! Holy Shit level of Wow!

Apparently the Americans who were living in south Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast when Hurricane Katrina struck weren't the "types" of "hardworking, tax-paying, legal citizens" that pricks like FOX Sports reporter Chris Myers approves of so in his bilious view they weren't worthy of any humane assistance in having their shattered lives rebuilt. You know -- I'm not even going to pretend here - let's be honest with each other -- the people standing on rooftops in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, were primarily poor and (say it with me) black.

And if given the chance, to Chris Myers I would gladly say straight to his pudgy, pasty face (providing I don't ram my fist through it first) -- dude what a fucking dick and all around heartless scumbag you are.

But you know what -- even though Myers' specialty is sports commentary, you have to concede this point -- he is the poster child as to the type of psychopathic personality that is considered a "perfect fit" for the FOX family of Neanderthal talking bobble-heads these days.


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