Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The GOP's Sound Bite Constitutionality . . . .

Keith Olbermann weighs in with a dose of sober sanity on the right-wing manufactured controversy known as the "ground zero mosque".

With every passing day, I find it increasingly difficult to think of or refer to these folks on the far right as "my fellow Americans." Their zeal for using emotional wedge issues like this to divide Americans for purely political and ideological gain is nothing short of cowardly and disgusting - and frankly - un-American. I mean -- think about it -- this country is in serious economic trouble right now. Devastatingly high unemployment, people losing jobs, homes, life savings - lives ruined - and no relief for the foreseeable future. And all the right can think of doing is playing cultural warrior games. And though it is understandable considering the fact that they have no ideas, no vision whatsoever for how to deal with this country's truly serious issues, it does not make it any less insidious.

The America I grew up in and the history I was taught stressed the importance and magnitude with which a little document called the U.S. Constitution has had in the formation of our Democratic Republic and the critical role it has played in the freedom that ALL AMERICANS benefit from.

Watching how the right has been cynically manipulating this issue though, I'm beginning to get the distinct impression that the right wingers view the U.S. Constitution as being a great deal less sacrosanct than their desire to regain political power and "stick" it to the Democrats. In other words, just like the phony flag lapel pin controversy, and the Obama birth certificate crap, the right wing really doesn't give a rat's ass about Democracy -- it's a throwaway word to them -- a weapon so to speak, to be used only as a political prop whenever the need arises to shove it up their political opponent's ass.

Anyhow - good for Olbermann for pointing out the obvious and while I harbor no hope whatsoever that it will sway the right wing from their path of destructive hate, at least people are starting to push back in the mainstream media and questioning the motives of the wingnuts in general. It's a necessary start.


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