Friday, September 11, 2009

Health Care Crisis? What health care crisis? . . .

Crowds camp overnight in Brighton for free dental care

BRIGHTON — The doors to a free dental clinic in Brighton opened at 5:00 this morning to a throng of anxious people.

The first person in line was Robin Kelley, 59, of Westminster, who got in line at 5 p.m.

"We only have one car," she explained, "and my husband works at night, so he dropped me off."

Like others in line, she had a blanket and camped out on the sidewalk. "The company was warm and great," she said.

At 6:15 organizers ended the line at 808 people, because they felt that was the number of patients that could be seen today. Those who arrived later were turned away, and told that the clinic would also be open Saturday.

John Smits, 47, of Adams County, showed up after the tickets had
already been handed out but just as someone standing in line discovered he had two tickets stuck together.

When a volunteer handed Smits the extra ticket, he broke down and sobbed.

I don't know why that gentleman was sobbing. He got some of that wonderful U.S. health care that Republicans say doesn't need fixing for free! So what if he had to stand in an outdoor line for several hours overnight hoping he'd be one of the lucky ones to be given an entry ticket - beggars can't be choosy right?

I mean - when you get right down to it -- it all sounds exactly as my conservative friends would portray it - - the greatest health care from the greatest health care system in the world. What's the problem?


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