Friday, October 16, 2009

Captain Mike's Log: To Boldly Go Where No Liberal Has Gone Before!

I've made the observation previously but I'll do so again.

There are times when I'm of the view that Michael Moore makes himself much too easy of a target for the right wing smear merchants, such as his very public anti Iraq war stance at the Oscars a few years back. While I absolutely can sympathize with Moore, because like myself, he doesn't give a rats ass what the conservanuts think about him and he just goes full speed ahead with his public views, he could be a bit more cognizant of who his audience is when he does speak out.

Having said that though, you have to give the guy credit for going into the lion's den time and time again to brazenly poke a stick into the ribs of the conservative powers that be whom also happen to be his mortal political enemies.

Case in point - the accompanying video clip. Moore goes on Morning Joe to face off against Wall Street apologist/lackey Maria Bartiromo and calls her out on her knee-jerk defense of the capitalist con-men and greedy elites in our society who've gotten the country into the financial and economic crisis that it's in right now. He literally laughs in her face as she sputters her "capitalism can do no wrong" inanities.

Anyhow, it's why I like Moore -- no fear, willing to call bullshit bullshit, and gleefully unapologetic about his views.

Oh - and love the dig he gets in at the racist, pill popping piece of shit Limbaugh at the end of the clip. Priceless.


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