Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy Fuck! Are the Conservanuts really that stupid and repugnant? Ummm -- yes.

Battling right wing stupidity and assholery can be a maddening exercise at times. This story chronicles one of those times.

As it appears that some form of Democratic constructed health care reform is going to pass this year, meaning the conservatives have lost the battle, how do right wing Republicans react? Well, by doing what they and their zombie followers do best --- manufacture a scary, phony story about those dastardly swarthy Muslims and their defacto leader Barack Hussein Obama and how the sneaky towel heads are infiltrating Congressional Committees in order to convert the American government over to Muslim Sharia Law.

I shit you not.

Read all the disgusting, embarrassing details here.

It's times such as this where I begin to have serious thoughts that right-wing conservatism has grown into such a destructive cancer on this nation's body politic that maybe it needs a big fucking mega-dose of radiation to eradicate it once and for all. These people are beyond bug-shit insane. They are a fucking menace to Democracy and society in general and it's about time someone slaps the God-awful stupid out of them. The only thing that remains to be determined -- is how to go about doing it?


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