Friday, October 16, 2009

God I hate Glenn Beck . . . . more than ever now

Ok -- there comes a time when the boundaries of decency have been so egregiously violated that one has to stand up and speak out about it without hesitation or caution.

I'm referring in this case to Fox News' resident sleazoid McCarthyite Glenn Beck co-opting the name of Revolutionary War pamphleteer extraordinaire and the Godfather of American Democracy Thomas Paine, to peddle Beck's brain-addled, right-wing political flim-flammery.

Thomas Paine is a literary and historical hero to me. Seminal works such as 'Rights of Man', 'Common Sense', 'The Age of Reason (parts 1 & 2)', 'Agrarian Justice', along with a voluminous library of letters written to political friend and foe over an incredible lifetime have immeasurably inspired my own worldly views - both political and spiritual. Paine's role in the history of western democracy is of such importance, suffice to say that if there hadn't been a Thomas Paine, there quite likely would never have been a United States of America (and that is a view held by many founding fathers including George Washington).

Just about everything that Beck rails about in the video clip below, Thomas Paine would have vehemently disagreed with.

And it is why the mere thought of Glenn Beck wrapping his ignorant, pudgy, fascist ass in the banner of Thomas Paine's writings makes me uncontrollably nauseous.

Mr. Beck I beseech you sir! --- KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF THOMAS PAINE !!


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