Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Invention of Lying Ad Nauseum . . .

How can I be so certain of my statements that Fox News is not a legitimate "News" outlet?

The answer is in the video below.

Swiftboat Liars For Truth author Jerome Corsi get's invited to spew his bile all over the public airwaves on a consistent basis by Fox despite the fact that Corsi's numerous lies and bizarro world conspiracy theories have been doggedly debunked to the point of debunk fatigue on the part of honest fact checkers the world over.

So why does Fox continually provide a known serial liar a soapbox to spread his lies unchallenged? Doing so necessarily calls Fox's own journalistic credibility squarely into question -- and if you are of the belief that it doesn't, I would have to question your ability to discern reality from fantasy.

Anyhow, Media Matters provides a rundown of Jerome Corsi's plentiful lies here and there are truly some whoppers which are easily fact-checkable. Obviously though, Sean Hannity and Fox have made the decision that their rube viewers are too stupid and/or too gullible to be trusted with the truth, so onward and downward into the lie sewer they go.


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