Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fox Noize --- Care for some Cheese with that Whine guys? Lol!

I've been waiting for someone to put together a video montage like this and thankfully the folks at Media Matters were up to the task. Not that it would have been a difficult or complex project to cobble together this kind of video, especially since there is such a mountain of recorded evidence to work from, but I'm glad they took to the time to do it nonetheless.

Frankly, Fox's whining about the mean ol' Obama administration picking on them is nothing short of a borderline, psychotic level of hypocrisy of such a grand and Faustian nature, it boggles one's mind to contemplate the motive behind it.

Regardless, the fact that somebody -- anybody -- started fighting back and pointing out the elephant in the Fox studio and calling them out on their lies and journalistic malfeasance hopefully signals the beginning of the end of human crud Rupert Murdoch's destructive foray into the business of news reporting on the American airwaves.


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