Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hurricane Grayson continues to cut a wide swath of destruction through the GOP community ...

In this episode, Grayson asks right-wing Georgia Congressman Paul Broun (he of the "everybody has health care - use the emergency room" statement) to explain the constitutionality of passing legislation targeting a single organization (ACORN in this case). The fumbling, sputtering and protesting by Broun and his fellow Republicans that follows is classic entertainment.

The key quote from Grayson:
“We are trampling on people’s Constitutional rights. And I think it’s unfortunate that the mania that exists on the other side of the aisle regarding this one organization, and we know why that mania exists, it’s because they’ve registered an awful lot of Democrats, continues to distort and waste the time of this committee and many other committees here in Congress. Enough is enough.”


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