Friday, October 23, 2009

Hurricane Grayson intensifies in it's Destructiveness!! Lol.

While it is true that Alan Grayson will not be winning any awards or accolades for gentility or bipartisan camaraderie anytime soon, for us progressives who've been wandering the lonely political wilderness all these years waiting for a Democrat with spine to stand up and aggresively engage the knuckle-draggers on the right and their ever churning lie machine, he's a gleefully welcome breath of fresh air.

Going on Chris Matthew's show and nonchalantly describing Dick Cheney as a vampire with blood dripping from his teeth is certain to rile up the Fox Noize bozos and their zombie army. And frankly it would come as no shock to me to learn that Grayson made that over the top statement with just such mischief firmly in mind.

Regardless, it's top-notch political entertainment that skews quite nicely to my sensibilities and that's just A-OK with me. Go get 'em Alan!!


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