Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Rudy and Bernie Story . . . . Chapters are yet to be written ...

Rudy Giuliani's BFF Bernie Kerik gets a PIN number!

OOPS! Unfortunately in this case PIN stands for Prisoner Identification Number! Lol!

Needless to say -- I wouldn't harbor any expectations that the media/press lapdogs might actually do their goddamn jobs and question Saint Rudy's judgement for hanging on to this creep for so long, promoting him to the top law enforcement position in the city of New York and then trying to foist him upon the country as the head of Homeland Security. But the bottom line is that the media assklowns shamelessly hyped and anointed Rudy, as they did with GW Bush, with the crown of 9/11 sainthood and therefore, just like the Mafia Dons that Rudy used to prosecute, he's a made guy amongst the villagers and therefore can't be touched.

Anyhow -- here's a pic of Rudy and his BFF in "the good ol' days."

And here's a very lovely picture of Rudy's BFF taken at his recent visit with an NYPD booking agent. Oh my . . .


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