Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gutless Finger Pointing - - - A GOP/Conservative art form

If you're going to go on television and play the blame game for the recent Christmas day attempted terror attack on Flight 253, at least have some semblance of facts on your side. But then again this is Fox News so right off the bat you have to expect a nominal level of dishonesty and obfuscation.

Here the Fox buffoons bleat that it's all that evil Obama's fault for the near Christmas terror incident on the NWA flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Never mind the small detail that the would be suicide bomber evaded detection in several non-U.S. airports to get as far as he did (in wingnut world though Obama is in charge of ALL the world's airports so it's still his fault).

The Fox buffoons go on to screech about news reports that two of the masterminds of the plot had been released from Guantanamo Bay. Of course, true to their deceitful form, they neglected to mention that the released thugs they were talking about had been paroled in November of 2007 into the custody of the Bush family patriarchs - the Saudi Arabian goverment. Hmmmm -- I wonder who was President and Vice President in November of 2007?? Care to take a wild guess?

Fucking dishonest, accountability evading assholes.


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