Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My President's home state is more patriotic than your President's home state - NEENER NEENER!

Nothing like insulting and impugning the patriotism and citizenship credentials of over a million of your fellow Americans.

REPUBLICAN HACK: President Obama right now has suffered very greatly in the last few months because of the fight over health care, and he has very little political capital right now. So Republicans feel it is in vogue to criticize this president.

And then lastly, you have to also remember the fact that the president being on vacation in Hawaii, it’s much different than being in Texas. Hawaii to many Americans seems like a foreign place. And I think those images, the optics, hurt President Obama very badly.

This is exactly the sort of stupid, repugnant, divisive garbage that your modern day conservative Republicans excel at. Hawaii is not as "American" as Texas. Lovely.

God how I hate these right-wing fuckers.


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