Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why doesn't someone come up with The Cereal Bowl? Makes just as much sense . . .

This is pretty much why I lost interest in college football over the years. The corporate sponsorship crap run a muck pretty much ruined it for me. When I was a kid it was simple -- Gator Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl. Done.

And now: The Chick-fil-A Bowl, The Auto Zone Bowl, The Capital One Bowl, The PapaJohns.com Bowl, The San Diego County Credit Union Bowl, and my favorite -- The International Bowl (WTF??).

The slimy tentacles of corporatism have extended their money grubbing reach into just about every major sporting platform in this country. And in doing so, in my view, they've ruined the simple purity of the sport and games - just to make a buck.


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