Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 of 4 top GOP candidates for Prez in 2012 on Fox New's payroll . . .

I'm baffled as to what exactly does it take for people to just fucking admit the eye-ball burning obviousness of the role that Fox News plays as an overtly active propaganda outlet for the Republican party.

Huckabee, Palin, Gingrich -- all collecting a paycheck from the Fox piggy (pun intended) bank.

And even though the 4th top GOP candidate Mitt Romney has yet to suckle at the teat of Fox's ethically challenged media sow, you can bet his pasty-white Mormon ass that as the 2012 election nears, the Mittster will find it increasingly difficult to withstand the urge to grovel at Roger Ailes' feet and will be damn sure that he gets him a hunky slice of that good ol' Fox News, GOP free publicity pie.

I've said it before, I'll state it again -- if conservatives would just be honest and flat out admit that Fox News is neither "Fair" or "Balanced", that they have no journalistic standards or journalistic ethics whatsoever and that they are in the bag for the GOP -- I'll shut my big mouth about them from this day forward and forever more.

[crickets chirping]

Yeah --- that's what I thought.


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