Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wonder when Fox will broadcast Brown's Fox-sponsored coronation? . . .

In the wake of GOP Teabagger, nude model Scott Brown's Senate victory in Massachusetts yesterday, a certain public airwaves using media outlet, posing as a legitimate news organization, laid all of their biased cards on the table.

Gee -- I wonder who in the world that could be? ? ?

Jon Stewart took rapt notice and proceeds to demolish any remaining vestige of journalistic integrity and credibility that Fox News had (frankly I think they never had any to begin with) by highlighting the Fox team giggling and crowing over Brown's win and basically reacting and behaving like high school cheerleaders who've just witnessed their school football team win the state championship.

Not like I need to say this any more than I've said it over the years but - -

"FAIR AND BALANCED" my fucking ass.

Fox is the primary reason why when people try to make the ludicrous "the media is liberal! the media is liberal" argument to me, I simply laugh in their faces and tell them to pull their heads out of their bungholes and spend a 24 hour cycle watching Fox News. Oh - I also tell them to STFU.

Just saying . . .

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