Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If the Democratic leadership had a microscopic ounce of the spinal DNA of Rep. Alan Grayson, yesterday's loss of Ted Kennedy's senate seat to the Teabagger guy not only would not have occurred, but would have been a blowout in the opposite direction.

Instead, we progressives are treated today to the craven and smug talking heads on television proclaiming to the world that the political party which currently holds a 59-41 seat majority in the senate and a 257-178 seat majority in the house of representatives, is a doomed political party. WTF??

And to make matters worse, a handful of Blue Dog (Republican wannabe types) Democrats are running around to all the news shows pulling their hair, wringing their hands -- whining like the lily-livered invertebrates that they are and more or less feeding the bullshit narrative frenzy that the Massachusetts loss was the worst thing to happen to the Democratic party since a glob of Bill Clinton's mojo juice was found plastered on Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. Holy Fuck these bastards piss me off! How in the hell did I ever get stuck in a political party with such a bunch of quavery fucking whiners and quitters like these current Democrat handjobs? Jeebus effing Christmas it's infuriating!


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