Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bada Bing, Bada Boom ! !

Holy Shit!! A Democrat with a spine and cojones the size of bowling balls.

Rep. Alan Grayson just earned his hero status wings with this humble blogger.

After months of unanswered, bogus Republican attacks claiming health care reform was going to result in death panels killing grandma, soldiers returning from war being urged to commit suicide, major cuts to Medicare, government takeover, blah, fucking blah, fucking blah! .... finally a Democrat gets off his pansy ass and gives a boffo rhetorical smackdown of his own to the fear-mongering conservanuts. Oh it's a thing of beauty too.


Of course you just knew that the Rethugs were going to scream bloody murder about Grayson's sneak attack kick to their groins. They're running around, pulling their hair out of their toupee's, huffing and puffing, and requesting a censure motion from Speaker Pelosi in addition to demanding that Grayson get up on the floor of the House to grovel at their feet and beg forgiveness for the heinous sin of backhanding them in the face with a big old gob of fucking truth. LOL! Priceless!!

And to Grayson's credit -- it's being reported (see next video clip) -- he's telling the Repugs to fuck off. Goddamn good for him. This guy is now on my short list for a future run for President.

Made my day.


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