Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wingnuts dreaming of military coup against Obama. Can we just kick their asses out of the country now and get on with the business of democracy?

Well -- at least the right-wingers are displaying their treasonous tendencies for the whole world to see in public venues instead of plotting their wet dream fantasies underground.

Here you have conservative Newsmax columnist John L. Perry "musing" about the possibility of a "bloodless" U.S. military coup to unseat the horrid, evil tyrant Obama.

It's just additional evidence of what I've been saying the past few years about how the hard-core wingnut faction of the GOP has slowly morphed into a histrionic group of banana republic traitors.

I always knew that if Obama became President a very virulent strain of right-wing assholery would bubble up from the primordial ooze, where it's been contentedly dormant through the past 8 years of governing malfeasance by Bush, Cheney and the Republicans, to leave their stench on this country's historical record.

Can you imagine if some liberal journalists, shortly after 9/11 wrote articles about overthrowing Bush and inciting the military to do so? That would have been a one way, do not pass Go!, do not collect $200 ticket to Gitmo folks and you damn well know it.

And talk about sore losers. The hypocrisy is staggering in it's scope. Remember these assholes standing outside of Al Gore's residence in D.C. in the immediate days after the 2000 election, waving their juvenile "Sore/Loserman" signs and screaming at Al Gore and his family to get out of Dick Cheney's house?? Remember those fuckheads?

And Gore's mature concession still didn't make them happy. They then had their party control all 3 branches of government for 6 of the next 8 years, the White House for all 8 years, steam-rolled the hapless Democrats legislatively, and yet, because the American people collectively made a determination this past November that they'd seen and had enough of conservative "leadership" and wanted to see the country go in a different direction, it's now time to start talking military coups only 9 months into Obama's term. Holy bug-shit fucking insane batman!

In a sad, albeit mischievous sense, I kinda hope the assholes do try to start something. Exiling the entire bunch to some 3rd world island nation for crimes against the state would suit me just fine.


**UPDATE**: It seems Newsmax.com received some feedback about their Obama military coup fantasy article and have since yanked it from their website. Fortunately Talking Points Memo has archived it - just click here.

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