Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fox -- They Retort, You Deride . . .


Somebody actually went on a national news show and stated the all-too obvious, undeniable truth about Fox News -- namely that they most certainly are NOT a legitimate cable "News" outlet but are instead an overt political propaganda operation that is beholden to and wholly supportive of the Reupblican party and conservatives in general.

Hey -- which is fine by me -- just stop advertising yourself as a "News" entity. Call yourselves the Fox/GOP channel instead. I can live with that.

But really -- come on -- you don't have to be a fucking rocket scientist to figure it out - just spend an hour a day randomly sampling Fox News shows to see what I'm referring to. And if it is still not clear to you then I can only surmise that you are obviously one of the intellectually challenged rubes who believe Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, health care reform will euthanize your grandma, Obama is secretly building liberal "re-education" camps all over the country, Elvis is still alive and that conservative Republicans sincerely care about you and your family's well being.

A big thank you to David Shuster for putting a voice on the air who isn't afraid to speak the truth about Rupert Murdoch's ethically compromised political organization. Too bad our mainstream press is too chickenshit to do the same.

Fair and Balanced - my ass!


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