Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Age of un-Reason . . .

You know, the hard core right wing had better be very careful with how far they take their bullying and intimidation tactics in our public discourse. All of the available evidence indicates that these people have deluded themselves into believing that just because they shout people down at town halls, physically intimidate people, and strut around flashing their G.I. Joe assault rifles and pistols, they think that behavior alone validates their viewpoint and that it's a majority viewpoint.

Here's what I predict is likely to happen if they finally end up crossing that line where their brutish actions end up starting a major civil incident in this country. I predict they will find out very harshly and very quickly that their movement is a self-manufactured illusion -- nothing more than a loud-mouthed, ignorant minority who aren't the great patriots they like to portray themselves as. And the majority of Americans, who are actually sane, decent, fair-minded people, will bring a hammer of justice down upon their stupid fucking block heads so fast they won't know what hit them.

It bothers me immensely to say it, but maybe that is what will finally need to occur in order to get Democracy back on an even keel in America.


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